tirsdag, november 21, 2006

Exam revising

Well as the titles says.. Its exam time. Last essay was handed in on monday. Now there is only the last 3 exams left. Starting Friday with my social lingustics.

Been trying to get my head around claus classification today. It's hard. Lets hope I get it before the exam. :) I will not be very social the next few weeks. :)

Since I last wrote here nothing much have happened. We (me, Eva, Eva's husband Jared and Ole) were at the movies last friday. Saw The Departed. It was good. Surprising and somewhat stupid ending.

My second big interest is as some of you know aquariums. My last buys are a pair of Red Jewl fish and a pair of Ivory ciklid. Both pairs have already laid eggs. Lets hope they grow up. :)

Well time to get back to my book.

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