mandag, oktober 23, 2006

Aquariums, cabintrip and failed studying.

Thats about what I have been doing. I FINALLY got my BIG aquarium. 2500 kr I had to pay for a 530 liter aquarium. Used and probably quite old but cheap and I love it!!

Ole has promised to build me a table for it. He didn't like the aluminium finish on the frame. Looking foreward to that. :) This will be my main focus the next few months I think. Alot of work. When I was filling the aquarium up for the first time I was seriously afraid that it would not hold. I used hours! But it was ok and now all the fish are in there and doing fine. They are even making babies. :)

After setting up the aquarium I had a babysitting deal with my mother. Ole got the good idea of taking my little brothers to the mountain and so we did. Two brothers, me and Ole sett off on Friday and everything went fine until we came to a crash site. We were the third car there. Ole ran up but there was not much he could do. It took two hours before the helicopter could leave with the man in the car. After driving the rest of the way to the cabin we had to eat some dinner. We were not in bed until 3 am!
Saturday was sleeping, bathing and eating. Typical day at our cabin. :) Then we played games and went to bed. Nothing much ever happens up there.

The trip home went well and now we are back to studying and thinking about aquariums.
That was a short and not very well formulated account of what I have been doing the last weeks.

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